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an aerial view of a village on the edge of a cliff
Rocky Village, Vernazza, Italy
fireworks are lit up in the night sky over a cityscape and skyscrapers
I Am Detroit
Lovely Detroit Riverfront Fireworks
the water is blue and green as seen through some trees
Reasons Four Loving Seasons
Lanikai, Oahu Hawaii.
an island with many houses on it and some boats in the water near by them
Portofino, Italy
Villas near Portofino, Italy
the beach has waves coming in to shore and palm trees on the hill behind it
an aerial view of a city next to the ocean at dusk with boats in the water
Positano, Italy
many people are swimming in the clear blue water near white buildings and boats on the beach
Security Check Required
Koufonisi island, Greece
an aerial view of the ocean and beach from above, with shadows on the sand
an image of a beach resort in the middle of the ocean with text that reads best vacations
Four Seasons Hotel, Bora Bora.
the sun is setting behind some palm trees in the water and there are no people on it
This is where WE are going on holiday #seaturtle #sunset #hawaii
Street style - summer <3 na Holiday Outfits, Inspiration, Casual, Street Styles, Outfits, Fotografie, Inspo, Street Style, Holiday Fashion
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Street style - summer <3 na
the white buildings are lit up at night in oiai village, oiai
The Wonderblog
Greece, who's coming with?