My boyfriend is already a trained ballroom/latin dancer. I, on the other hand, have some catching up to do.

The tango may end, but passion’s fire blazes on in “The Last Dance.” The romantic final pose of two silhouetted tango dancers is imparted with a sense of eternity by surrounding train tracks which extend into infinity. Elongated shadows cast upon quaint c

History of Latin Dance

History of Latin Dance :: Latin dance is a popularly known form of dance across the world. A style of dance that unites the world by its music and dance has its origin in the African drum beating.

Learn to Salsa dance. Oops this should have been placed into my Dance board, but I'm leaving it here!

7 Ways to Sneakily Get Him into Shape ...

Bigger and Better Salsa Night! Starting with new space and longer hours on February

Salsa/Partner dancing-Always wanted to try it but out here there aren't too many fellas lining up

Mike Phillips - When It Comes To Lovin' Me ~Lavender Hill Penthouse Suit.

“Oh what a wonderful soul so bright inside you. Got power to heal the sun’s broken heart, power to restore the moon’s vision too.