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a pool in the middle of some rocks
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Backyard pool that was built into the existing limestone quarry.
a ladder is in front of a green wall with black swirls painted on it
An interesting idea instead of painting all the way to the top. Allowing the ceiling color to come down on the walls.
a wooden chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a lush green forest
Cool Chair/love it
a light that is on top of some branches
manunatura Treibholz-Tischleuchte WHOLE OF THE MOON
Driftwood light
a woman sitting at a table using a laptop computer
Well Designed Furniture
Ok this is really cool.
a blue sink with a faucet running water from it's spout
GrrrlHub | Women's Magazine for (by) Unapologetic Women
a chair sitting in front of a white screen with circles on it's sides
ghetto-fab shakes hands with modern brilliance | Lace fence by Demakersvan via @Flavorpill
an arched window with blue shutters and pillows on the bench in front of it
〚 Прекрасная отдушина на юге Испании 〛 ◾ Фото ◾ Идеи ◾ Дизайн
window seat
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a dining room table
🔨 Green Building • Insteading
Charming !
a room with bookshelves and a bucket on the floor in front of it
earthen acres
Cob shelves - such a fantastic natural idea!
a bathroom with a shower, sink and towel rack in the corner on the wall
75 Bathroom Pictures & Ideas You'll Love - March, 2022
glass-less (easy cleaning!) and two shower heads.
a black and white zebra print chair with wheels
upcycled Tires (and zebra!)
a purple chair sitting on top of a white floor
A Right Royal I Do !
oh, I wish this chair in a different color - may be RED or TERRA?