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One Direction Shirt 1D Logo Crop Tank  Nebula by ForeverHipsterCo, $18.00 @Debi Hickman- for Rachel

One Direction Logo Crop Tank Top by KaliforniaDreamz on Etsy

One Direction Themed Crop Top PREORDER by StylesShop on Etsy, $26.00 ( I might get these for my birthday) <3

One Direction shirts with The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction, One Thing lyrics, Spin the Bottle, and More Than This lyrics

Ugh so my friend, shes like "oh I love 1d liams my fave" amd im like "cool! Im a bit more of a niall girl, but I love them all" then shes like "you know why they compared niall to justin beiber? Cuz justins hot and nialls not".... her body was never found....

He's not ugly! Ppl stop saying he's ugly and that u hate him. If u were a true a directioner than u wouldn't say that Niall is ugly!

OMG, I want it sooo bad!!!  5 Second of Summer Shirt 5SOS Shirts Australian Pop by 24hrsTShirt, $15.75

5 Second of Summer Shirt Shirts Australian Pop Rock Band Tank Top Tee Tunic Singlet Women - Size S M L