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Watch: First Footage Of Electric-Flying-Car Kitty Hawk Flyer The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a new, all-electric aircraft. It is safe, tested and legal to operate in the United States in uncongested areas. Jet Ski, Kitty Hawk Flyer, First Flying Car, Electric Aircraft, Really Funny Pictures, Flying Drones, Larry Page, Cars For Sale, Fighter Jets

The Flying Car is Here! Kind of... | Randy Scott | Q105

The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a new, all-electric aircraft.

It's Here are the Potheads Favorite Munchies! Weird News, Whiskey, Snacks, Top, Tapas Food, Spinning Top, Crop Shirt, Shirts, Finger Foods

It's 4/20, Here are the Potheads Favorite Munchies! | Whiskey & Randy | Froggy 99.9

Potheads were asked their favorite snacks after partaking.

Girl Scout cookies in a candy bar! Thin Mint Nestles and. Vintage Girls, Vintage Ads, Vintage Posters, Vintage Food, Vintage Stuff, Vintage Images, Girl Scout Troop, Brownie Girl Scouts, Scout Leader

19 Facts You Didn't Know About Girl Scout Cookies | iHeartRadio

Get the scoop on these sweet treats

Here's Everything Being Added And Removed From Netflix In April Weird News, What's Trending, Celebrity News, Everything, Netflix, How To Remove, Ads, Entertaining

Here's Everything Being Added And Removed From Netflix In April | Froggy 99.9

Casting JonBenet headlines the new releases from Netflix

A Spanish woman who captured viral video of an animal that appeared to be a bizarre snake "with two heads" said the creature turned out to be a caterpillar. Bizarre Animals, Like Animals, Unusual Animals, Adorable Animals, Santa Fe, Demon Dog, Creature Picture, Les Gifs, Two Heads

Imagine THIS Showing Up in Your Garden- YIKES! | Whiskey & Randy | Froggy 99.9

This thing is freaky!

Meet The Real Big Bird. A Freakishly Large Brahma Chicken Our first thought was they put a little person in a rooster suit. But nope, it’s the real deal. Check out this huge Brahma rooster. Backyard Chicken Coops, Chickens Backyard, Self Sustaining Farm, Brahma Rooster, Coast To Coast Am, Really Funny Pictures, Real Big, Building A Chicken Coop

The Big Chicken is REAL and Spectacular | Whiskey & Randy | Froggy 99.9

People are freaking out over the size of this chicken.

 I’m Hunting 8 Hidden Rabbits For My Rabbit Stew! Will You Go Crazy Trying to Find Them? These silly invisible rabbits will multiply right before… Rabbit Stew, Disney Specials, Are You Serious, Will You Go, Eagle Eye, Weird News, Weird Stories, Gal Gadot, Going Crazy

Only a Genius Can Find All 8 Rabbits In This Vintage Puzzle

You have to have eagle eyes to spot even one bunny. | iHeartRadio

Diaper Sales Plummet As American Birth Rate Declines Birth Rate, Free Diapers, Weird News, Basic Math, Weird Stories, Potty Training, Want You, 1st Birthday Parties, Snug

3 Guys Busted in Theft of 200K Diapers

They were worth about $90K. | iHeartRadio

Marshall was given instructions on how to perform a field sobriety test, but cops say she laughed and instead proceeded to perform cartwheels. Are You Serious, Cartwheel, Weird News, Weird Stories, Sobriety, Old Women, Cops, Mexico, Fictional Characters

Driver Busted After Her Sobriety Test Cartwheels

Bryelle Marshall charged with DWI in New Mexico | iHeartRadio

President Trump’s official inauguration portrait offered by the Library of Congress had a glaring typo on it, social media users pointed out Sunday evening. Burn It Down, Truth To Power, Weird News, Political Events, Conservative Politics, Library Of Congress, Big Picture, Twitter, Thought Provoking

Official Inauguration Poster Had to Be Pulled Quickly

Library of Congress item had a typo | iHeartRadio

A woman in Canada died Tuesday after she was found partially stuck inside a clothing donation bin in Toronto, police said. Weird Stories, Short Stories, Are You Serious, Weird News, Outdoor Gear, Police, Woman, Sayings, Clothing

Woman Dies After Getting Stuck in Clothing Donation Bin

Judith Permar had a broken arm and hypothermia | iHeartRadio

Understanding exactly what is hurting your credit score can be difficult. The truth is that even seemingly small things can have a profound effect on your score. FICO credit scores are the most widely. Best Credit Repair Companies, Credit Repair Services, Check Your Credit, Improve Your Credit Score, Fico Credit Score, Credit Bureaus, Criminal Defense, Credit Report, Rewards Credit Cards

Woman Fights Most Unfair Parking Ticket Ever

If you think you've been screwed by a ticket, check out what happened to this woman. | iHeartRadio

Watch as Doctors pull a live roach from a women's nasal passage when she complains of 'tingling and crawling sensation'. Are You Serious, Weird News, Weird Stories, Skull, Doctors, Kiss, Animals, Women, Animales

Doctors Find Cockroach Living on Woman's Skull

They removed it—still alive—after nearly 12 hours | iHeartRadio

Good Samaritan Fights off Bus Driver Attacker with Cane.Check this out! Spring Into Action, Weird News, Bus Driver, Citizen, Kicks, Couple Photos, Check

Good Stuff: Cane Wielding Senior Citizen Fights Off Attacker with Cane! | Randy Scott | Q105

His bus driver was being attacked and he sprung into action! “My adrenaline kicked in, and I did what I had to do,”!

Dad's 10 year old son died after sliding down the world's tallest water slide in Kansas.story is absolutely tragic :( Weird News, Water Slides, 10 Year Old, Kansas, Random, World, The World

Lawmaker's Son Dies on World's Tallest Waterslide

Kansas waterpark shuts down after death of boy, 10 | iHeartRadio