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The Revenant Games is perfect for Once Upon a Broken Heart fans
With its whimsical world and a more dark fairytale approach, 🍄The Revenant Games 🍄 shares a lot of similarities with Stephanie Garber's popular YA romance. Want to learn more about this new series? Click the link below for the full review!
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The Best Books to cure your Evajacks hangover
The "Once Upon a Broken Heart" series is OVER. 😭 Here's what to read next to avoid ending up in a big reading slump.
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In depth-Review: Emily Wilde's Map of the Otherlands
Want to know what is all the hype about? If you're new to cozy fantasies this series is perfect for you. PLUS a Free Guidebook for the whole series!!
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Book List: Fantasy Romance Love Triangles
Click the link to check them out!! 📚💖✨
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The ABSOLUTE best technique for tabbing your books
Want to start tabbing your books but don't know where to begin? I've got you covered! In this post, I'll share the materials I use for my book tabs 📚✨ and the technique that I swear you'll love to use! 🤩
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In-Depth Guide to Iron Flame, the awaited sequel to Fourth Wing
All you need to know about Iron Flame, the sequel to Fourth Wing. Special editions, bonus content and more!! 🐉
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A Curse for True Love Review and Ending explained
My ultra mega post for 'A Curse for True Love.' My most awaited book of the year. My thoughts on the endings, why Jacks eats apples, the curses, best quotes... anything you can think of is in this blog post. Because EvaJacks deserve all our love 🥰. Enjoy 🦊💔❤️‍🔥
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"Villain gets the Girl" Fantasy Romance Books
Actually GOOD fantasy romances that totally deserve more hype and fit the 'villain gets the girl' trope to a T.