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Violet Fiber Bundle on the loom by @woven.ash ✨
One of our amazing fibre bundles.
Weaving a flower on a wall hanging
Difficulty: Medium Loom • Yarn • needle
Veving, gallerivegg
Anne Djupvik // woven art (@weave_me_away)
Gallerywall / woven wallhanging
a wall hanging made out of woven material with wooden handles and strings attached to it
a potted plant sitting next to a wall hanging
two pictures one with weaving and the other with potted plants on shelves next to it
DIY handwoven zipper pouch tutorial — kaliko
how to make your own diy woven bag
Make Your Own DIY Woven Bag
Make Your Own DIY Woven Bag! Learn how to create a little bag with the look of trendy woven wall hangings! This is a really fun DIY weaving project. #weaving #wovenbag #persialou
the wall hanging is decorated with pink, black and white fringes on a wooden stick
the weaving is hanging on the wall