Up! - i just watched this again on sunday. if i ever get through the first ten minutes of this movie without sobbing, know that some entity has replaced my human self with a robot, and the apocolypse is nigh.

Vale la pena luchar por lo que vale la pena tener. (worth fighting for what is worth keeping)

KÉK nevelés: a gyengéd és határozott nevelési stílus

KÉK nevelés: a gyengéd és határozott nevelési stílus

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love's a fuzzy plushie- Stitch by Daffupanda

Random image I placed on paper last night, I'll scrap this later on. Reuploading it e_e again, because a) first I messed up and uploaded the wrong image, second, DA messed up and decided not to giv.

Irene Spencer Artist Signed Limited Edition by GinForsOdditiques

Irene Spencer Artist Signed, Limited Edition Lithograph, Print w/ Siamese Cats (Detail)

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Family rules (DreamDecor

He is so adorable! How could anyone say no to a face that like that!!!:D:

Little Mike with the hat he got from the worker at Monsters Inc. When he went on a field trip he stunk into a door with him. And he didn& even know little Mike was in there! Wow I watch too much Disney. Oh well

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