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This is actually the first anime neck kiss I watched - usually it's in the manga that I see it or if the characters are vampires - that's why this moment had me going

-Kenma, don't press me, Let's bathe! -No, There is too cold -Don't annoy me -But Kuroooo -Little Shit...

I MADE GIF oh, Kuroo *u* you so slyyyyyyyyyyyy - Kenma, don’t press me, let’s bathe! - No, there is too cold - Don’t annoy me - But Kuroooo - Little shit… Music: James Blunt – Stay The.

"Bir alfa, başka bir alfanın önünde boyun eğmez. Bu, kendi eşi bile o… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Don't make fun of him he hAS A WEAPON (;) A small Kagehina gif that took longer than expected to make XD frames*cough* I used Clip Studio to draw the frames and Photoshop to animate! ❤️Please ONLY repost with CREDIT.