Fruzsina Vas

Fruzsina Vas

"I'm a princess, cut from marble smoother than a storm. And the scars that mark my body, they're silver and gold."
Fruzsina Vas
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These illustrations were inspired by 2016 Fashion Week. I illustrate on Wacom Cintiq tablet using custom pencils and brushes on textured paper.

Fashion design ideas beautifully illustrated by a professional artist. One of a kind sketches and illustrations are available for purchase.

i like this word art because it goes from written words to a humans head. (even though i cannot read the words)

Sketchbook or journal idea: I am always thinking, writing and working with images. Fun to think of writing inside the female face, kind of like thinking inside the lines

Sketchbook Idea.  Form something new from what is already there.  Be poetic!  Don't let the written word scare you if you don't normally work in it.  Learn to use words in your art in ways no one would expect!

Incorporate art into writing (poetry): Students can even pick a page from their favourite book as an inspiration. Book page poetry is really neat and a great way to show creativity with older kids. This is an interesting way to teach poetry.