PaleOMG 4th of July Mixed Berry Vanilla Bean Cream Tarts

Mixed Berry Vanilla Bean Cream Tarts

look to pretty to eat

A rose inspired dessert is a sure way to impress any friend or family member — they're beautiful, elegant, soft, and sweet. These 15 desserts are perfect creations to indulge in during the spring a.

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Different ways to top pound cake. Pound cake bar with toppings for yw, or a gathering.

Donna Hay peach and raspberry meringue tart

japanese desserts recipes, southern dessert recipes, low calorie desserts recipes - Donna Hay peach and raspberry meringue tart

Raw Vegan Blackberry Cheesecake, Dates & Walnut Crumbles, Blackberry, White…

Raw vegan blackberry cheesecake, dates & walnut crumble, blackberries, white chocolate, berry gel & dried Persian rose. By Nick Pitt

Rose and Basil-Dark Chocolate Macarons

Rose and Basil Dark Chocolate Macarons * Shell - crushed rose petals, pink food colouring * Filling - fresh basil leaves, chocolate ganache

almond and pear tarts

fat free dessert recipes, trifle dessert recipe, slow cooker dessert recipes - With flaked almonds and sweet pear slices, these flaky tarts are a delight.

Strawberry Madeleines: cute, pink, fluffy with soft, sticky bumps and lightly crisp edges.

Strawberry Madeleines

~~Add strawberry puree to Madeleine batter for a pretty-in-pink, tea-time treat. Get the recipe at Adore Foods.

Tamarind & Lemon Tart with Salted Peanut Praline

Change up the classic lemon tart recipe with the inclusion of sharp and exotic tamarind. This gorgeous silky dessert is sure to impress when placed in the middle of the table just don't expect leftovers.