15 books to get lost in #Books #Reading #Lists

15 Books To Get Hopelessly, Wonderfully Lost In


If you take away all the curly stuff, this could be Brielle and Zylva. (via Gabby Sequeira) [Boy sitting on a log reading a book with a dragon next to a waterfall]

Handmade Rustic Brown Leather Journal

(Open with Juni) I grab one of three journals out of my purse as I sit down. I open it and look over my notes of everything strange I'd been noticing, but nothing added up. I groaned and stared at my notes. I lean back and stare at the sky.

Book magic

The magic of words, within the story of the pages, in a book with no cover. Are the many editions of my life.

:March:-- from the perspective of Mr. March, the :little women: patriarch

10 Contemporary Novels Based on Classic Lit That Are Actually Worth Your Time

From Louisa May Alcott’s beloved classic Little Women, Geraldine Brooks has animated the character of the absent father, March.

Loved the entire Harry Potter series - I really hate that the movies have ended!

I love the Harry Potter books.when I read Harry Potter I feel like im in the book. reading Harry Potter calms me down when im upset or angry.i dont just read the Harry Potter books I live them (:

"Mindig megbecsültek az emberek, elkényeztetett az élet. Számos elismerésben volt részem, de tartós nyugalomra, megelégedettségre sehol nem leltem. Ma már tudom, hogy bizonyos értelemben átaludtam azokat az éveket, és csak álmodtam, hogy ébren vagyok - amíg össze nem találkoztam Szókratésszal, aki a mentorom és barátom lett."

hu: A békés harcos útja (teljes film)