Really good tutorial for making a car seat cover. Pick apart the existing one to use for pattern. Looks like it would work good... maybe i'll atempt it, if i had the paitence ;):

Use the manufacturer car seat cover as a pattern (and reuse the padding!) to make a custom car seat cover!

CK4U: Betræk til Stokke Xplory :)) - Mønstret og DIY

Sy projekter til børnene, vægt tab, stimulastik, Børns motorik

Stokke - my fav stroller

Stokke stroller, the best way to get my baby around. Great for tall Mums and Dads

The Best Baby Strollers - Unique and Attractive European Strollers

The stroller is a status symbol akin to a guy checking out another guy's ride. There is a hierarchy in quality and moms do check out what stroller another mom's kid is being pushed in.

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Stokke Xplory Stroller

It isn't often that we are surprised by a stroller, but yesterday we saw a Stokke Xplory in action, and were impressed

Baby cart with different view

Baby cart with different view

Best selling Baby Suppliers Stroller,Cheap Pram Jogger with 4 wheels Special higher for parents on $842.11

The Stokke Xplory - One of the most innovative and trendy strollers currently available on the market.

Stokke Xplory Stroller 2007 Item #510031 Store Display Unused #Stokke

Stokke Xplory Stroller 2007 Item #510031 Store Display Unused #Stokke