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How to Make a Vertical Wall-Mounted Chessboard « Board Games

Great for a game room or rec room!: A vertical chess set. Can have an active game going for weeks without it being in the way. Wonder if I could frame an make other DIY game boards vertically? This has me thinking.if only I knew how to play chess.

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North of the Black Sea, traces of cheese were also found in fur pouches in the frozen graves of the Scythian tribe BC) who, like other equestrian peoples, produced a form of cheese.

Commagene was a small kingdom, located in modern south-central Turkey, with its capital at Samosata. It was first mentioned in Assyrian texts as Kummuhu, which was normally an ally of Assyria, but eventually annexed as a province in 708 BCE under Sargon II. The Achaemenid Empire then conquered it in the 6th century BCE and Alexander conquered the territory in the 4th century BCE. After the breakup of the Alexandrian Empire, Commagene was a state and province in the Greco-Syrian Seleucid…

Tigranes the Great's Armenian Empire English: Early Armenian Empire of Tigranes, which existed between the final collapse of the Seleucids and the Roman conquest of the eastern Mediterranean. Original text: The Empire of Tigran the Great, BC