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a man and woman standing in front of a christmas tree with presents on the floor
The Christmas Shepherd (2014)
The Christmas Shepherd (2014)
the christmas shepherd dvd cover with two people and a dog in front of a christmas tree
The Christmas Shepherd (2014)
Sally is heartbroken when her dog runs away during a thunderstorm. When she learns he was found by Mark, a widower, she travels to Boston to get him. Sally and Mark are given the best Christmas gifts of their lives when they fall in love.
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a woman in black and red riding on the back of a red car with a dog
two people and a dog laying on a bed
Madeline Kahn, Bruce Dern and dog actor in Won Ton Ton The Dog that Saved Hollywood
a woman in uniform standing next to a german shepard dog and holding a clipboard
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)
an old black and white photo of three men with a dog in front of them
The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin Wikipedia |
an old advertisement for liquor with a dog
VTG 1920's LYSOL Disinfectant Guard DOG German Shepherd PROTECT Baby Nursery AD | eBay
German Shepherd-Lysol Disinfectant-Print Ad
an old advertisement with two dogs in it
an old advertisement with a german shepard dog holding a christmas bone in it's mouth
Reproduction Advertising Signs for sale | eBay
1945 NABISCO MILK BONE Vintage Look Replica Metal Sign -Cute GERMAN SHEPHERD Dog
an old ad for calvert reserve with a black dog sitting on the table in front of it
an old advertisement for ken - l - raton dog food
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Ken-L-Ration Dog Food – Every Owner (1933).... ...what they fail to mention is that horse meat is cheap. :)
an old ad with two german shepherd dogs and the caption which says, which dog is the grandfather?
Vintage Animal Advertisements of the 1950s
German Shepherds Gaines Dog Meal Photo (1956)
an advertisement for sprat's biscuits and dog foods from the 1950's
an advertisement for schappi with a german shepherd
Bilder 60er Jahre
Schappi mit Schäferhund
an old tin sign advertising ken - i - biskit dog and puppy biscuit supreme
an old western movie poster with a man on horseback next to a white dog and a lake
Private: Gene Autry and the Mounties 1951 Authentic 11" x 14" Original Lobby Card Gene Autry Western
Gene Autry and the Mounties 1951 ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTER We...
an old movie poster with two people and a dog
His Master's Voice (Lumas, 1925). Lobby Card (11" X 14"). | Lot #53158 | Heritage Auctions
His Master's Voice (Lumas, 1925). Lobby Card (11" X 14"). | Lot #53158 | Heritage Auctions
the adventures of kibby grant and chinook adventure triple feature, volume 3 cover art
Kirby Grant and Chinook Adventure Triple Feature: Volume 3 (DVD), Warner Archives, Action & Adventure -
Kirby Grant and the Chinook Adventure Volume 3 (DVD) #Ad #Chinook, #Sponsored, #Grant, #Kirby
a dog sitting next to a sign that says bus school stop and there's no substance for the leashed heart in k - l - r - ron
a man holding a dog in his lap while sitting next to another dog on the floor
Blind Alibi
two people and a dog are riding in a red utility vehicle on a road with houses behind them
No Man is an Island (2022)
an advertisement for the bbc tv show blue peter with two men and a dog sitting on a chair
No 1 !
a man sitting in an airplane reading a book with a dog on his lap next to him
[HanCinema's Film Review] 'Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP'
[HanCinema's Film Review] "Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP"
an older man sitting in the back seat of a vehicle with his german shepard dog
Photos from I'll Be Home for Christmas
Photos from I'll Be Home for Christmas - 1