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Easy Daily Exercises For Healthy Living - Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman

Fight Chair Body - this pyriformis stretch relieves sore hips and a tight lower back. Excellent for lower back pain, tight hips, piriformis syndrome and sciatica. We all suffer from too much sitting or “chair body” – this release exercise fights back, eas

Suspension training workout 1 | THE BOW (TRX & RIP60 compatible) - YouTube

This 15 minute workout features pilates exercises using the TRX suspension straps. Combing the two forms makes for a really great core workout!

Ferrari Center of Chinese Medicine - Products

Healing Sounds: This Medical Qigong poster was developed by our MQG Department Chair L.Francesca Ferrari, L. Ferrari offers weekend Medical Qigong intensives for those students interested in learning this practice.

Six healing sounds

Transform Negative Emotions to Positive Emotions. Experience the Vibration of your Own Voice that Has a Strong Healing Effect on your Body, Mind & Soul.

These 33 Unique Business Cards Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd.

Business card etiquette dictates that you should always carry your business card anywhere that you think there is even a small chance that you will be asked for it.

DIY Sandbox Picnic Table Plan #Woodworking, #Outdoor, #Kids

Woodworking with easy wood projects plans is a great hobby but we show you how to get started with the best woodworking plans to save you stress & cash on your woodworking projects

Types of wood joints. I might need this one day.

Wood Profits - Joinery: Joint type titles Really important so you look like you know what youre talking about with a carpenter or contract. - Discover How You Can Start A Woodworking Business From Home Easily in 7 Days With NO Capital Needed!

Tyre change greatly

Tire puffs- reuse old tires without having the actual tire showing! Genius when you don't like wasting things but don't like the look of tire stools