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I would very much like to be this good at pixel art. Artist:  Sebastiaan van Hijfte:

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“fishy doodling for Crawl monsters. the teensy fish is in and he is now my favorite monster :)”

Fantasy Foes

I found these old pixel fantasy pals/foes when i was digging through my hard drive, they’re from sometime last year.

tumblr_ohehf1khwi1sg6ldbo3_r1_1280.png (750×450)

Characters for Orage (see last post) That was a lot of fun to do ! I was searching for clear silhouettes and easily understandable characters.

Mike Gaboury

Postmanic Concept Art Some concept art for a game I was working on (on hold) Billy Mays, Dan Helsing, Zombie, Werewolf.


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