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a painting of a man standing next to a brown horse in an enclosed area with wooden doors
Emile Meyer (1823-1893), The riding school | Christie's
three horses are shown in this drawing
Peter Biegel (1913-1988) , Three studies of race horses; including Duke in the stable yard; and Study of J.L.K.'s Wilcox | Christie's
two people riding horses down a path next to a dog
Rose Petals
two horses are standing next to each other
a painting of a woman with her dog and horse
a painting of a brown horse standing on its hind legs in front of a dark background
Jaime Corum Archives - New Editions Gallery
a painting of a black horse and its foal on a brown background,
Bourbon Visions - life in amber
a painting of a man standing next to a brown horse on a lush green field
Richard Stone Reeves | GYR (1970) | MutualArt
a painting of jockeys racing horses on a track
Account Suspended
a painting of a jockey sitting on a horse in a green field with trees and grass behind him
two jockeys are riding their horses down the track with one holding on to his horse's reins
a painting of a jockey on a horse in a park with trees and people watching
Versailles Treaty Angel Cordero Up Alabama Stakes by Richard StoneReeves
two horses are being led down the field by their handlers in this pastel painting