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Gabriella Steiler

Gabriella Steiler
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Kolejna pozycja na liście, obuwie białe, klasyczne ze srebrnym akcentem, w którym radzę sobie znacznie lepiej niż na wysokich obcasach. Łyżwy!

Figure skating was a huge part of my life when I was younger. I gave it up when I was but I still try to get out on the ice as often as possible. - Decal - Vinyl Wall Sticker : It's Amazing How A Thin Blade And A Sheet Of Ice Can Make Me Fall In Love. Ice Skating Quote Sign ...

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Meryl and Charlie Stars on Ice 2010.........that looks like that would hurt Charlie. But i'm sure he's tough enough to handle it I guess.

potatoholic: “ Check out this amazing lift, made popular in D/W’s Notre Dame program and brought to their Stars on Ice 2010 exhibition. The thing that is so impressive about it is that would not be.

Inspirational Girl Ice Skating - Print

Today, I was ATTEMPTING a flying camel spin and i landed in a very painful splits posision. Let's check the agenda for tomorrow!