21 songs, depending on your mood, to help you get ready to go out

The 21 Best Songs To Get Ready For A Big Night Out To

21 songs, to help you get ready. Some of these wouldn't apply but it is kind of a cool idea. Make a playlist of you and your bridesmaids favorite songs to pump you up and play them in the room when you're getting ready!


One thing I have learned during my life is that no matter how bad things get, or how happy, Life goes on.

@Nicole Novembrino Sammons If you ever feel down in any way, me and the girls on this board are here for you!!! We'll do our best (I know I will (:) to make you feel better. Please believe me when I say that you are never alone. <3 - Maggie

its simple, isn't it? all i want is to be happy. for those around me to be happy. to be true. to enjoy life and eachother. love and happiness is everything!

A #smile is contagious, a #satisfied heart If you're happy in your heart, notify your face! @My One Word.org

Smile it looks good on me:) I smiled so much today, my face hurts. seriously though I did smile today, with no regrets. My students need it! & sometimes a smile is all they need.

Lets go

Dedication doesnt have an off-season. Commitment doesnt sway with the weather. If you want it, youll compete every day for it.