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a stack of concrete balls with the words which concrete mix to use for crafts
Making Cement And Concrete Crafts | Mixes & Sealers
This is the ultimate guide to concrete mixes for craft projects! Artsy Pretty Plants has done all the testing, so you can choose the best mix for all of your DIY projects. Whether it's for home decor, outdoor gardening projects, crafts, or gifts, this guide shares the nitty gritty of 6 different concrete mixes so you can choose the best cement for your projects.
a blue sign that says a strong start the best concrete mix for every diy project
A Strong Start: The Best Concrete Mix for Every DIY Project
an advertisement for the water to cement crafts with text overlay that reads learn more
The Perfect Water to Cement Ratio for Concrete Crafts
how to make hollow concrete pumpkins
How To Make Hollow Concrete Pumpkins
the recipe for how to make hypertua is shown in this poster
Make Lightweight Garden Art Projects That Last With Hypertufa - Container Water Gardens
several white mannequin heads sitting next to each other
Turn a Styrofoam Wig Head into a Chic Planter
an image of two heads made out of plants and grass with the words diy concrete planters from a styrofoam head
DIY Concrete Planters
someone is holding some cement in their hands and the text reads concrete pumpkins fill tights with concrete
Succulent Pumpkin DIY | With Concrete Using Tights | Done In 20 Minutes
several white plates with plants in them on the ground
15 Awesome Concrete Garden Decor Ideas To Have The Most Beautiful Yard In The Neighborhood - The ART in LIFE
Do It Yourself is always a good choice when it comes to garden decor. You can make your own personalized concrete garden decorations.
three white pumpkins with green moss growing on them sitting in the middle of gravel
Easy Concrete Pumpkins In 20 Minutes
Easy Concrete Pumpkins In 20 Minutes · How To Make A Piece Of Seasonal Decor · Home + DIY on Cut Out + Keep