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Riordan high

Riordan High<<<< Sadie Carter Percy and Annabeth ( if my spelling off its because autocorrect hates me.) My name is Sadie but I wish I was in the Percy Jackson series instead

Leo: Son of Hephaestus by on @deviantART<<< he looks steampunk... :/

FANART EVERYDAY: Leo: Son of Hephaestus by ~germanmissiles Who told you sons of Hephaestus’ are ugly? Anyways, I finally updated my Leo Valdez into this new style of mine! Leo you are the best ok ;

Luke by CathreL  I think these are my favourite drawings of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Maybe I'll put a quote by the characters (from BoO) later.

FANART EVERYDAY: Luke: Son of Hermes by ~germanmissiles I wanted to give out the college feeling for Luke since he was after all one of the oldest demigods right? Tell me I’m not the only one missing this dude?

Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, Jason Grace, and Nico DiAngelo.

Percy Jackson Thalia Grace Jason Grace Nico di Angelo=all of my favorite half-bloods! Actually I love the Stolls and Leo, too. It's missing Hazel though