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Tokyo Ghoul/// Ken Kanaki <3
Ne casse pas son coeur, il n y en a qu'un, casse plutot ses os, il en a 206.
Tokyo Ghoul || Ken Kaneki:
kaneki aaa <3 is it bad that I rlly liked the torture scenes in tokyo ghoul #inthemangaanyway
Noro - Tokyo Ghoul:re | I can't believe he managed to make me feel bad for Noro. A character that kills everybody and said nothing until his last moment
Tokyo Ghoul - Tsukiyama Shuu - he is not the ideal type of crazy person, but I think his character is interesting. ~*
Kaneeekiiiii *^* Oh lala il est trop beau. N'empêche il devient un milliard de fois plus beau quand il a les cheveux blancs... je devrais le dire à mon père, il complexerais moins XD ♡
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Kaneki Ken_Centipede by Slenderhand || Tokyo Ghoul
This picture is really intense. It really says a lot about how deep and dark this series really is. -Shelbie