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Arte em caixas de fósforo
a wooden table topped with star shaped cookies
Sunday School Snacks for Old Testament Stories
Snack ideas for Old Testament stories - to use with our Jesus Storybook Bible summer lessons
a maze game for children to learn how to travel
Abraham and Sarah Move to a New Land (Maze)- Kids Korner
Abraham and Sarah Move to a New Land (Maze)- Kids Korner - BibleWise
abraham went, as the lord told him to his children coloring page for kids and adults
Abraham and Sarah A New Home Coloring Page Free Download More
two paper cutouts with pictures of people on them sitting in front of a desk
Abraham & Sarah Special Guest
Hands On Bible Teacher: Abraham & Sarah Special Guest
an origami camel and some cards on a blue background
Tent for Abraham and Sarah
Printable tent for Abram and Sarai who God renamed Abraham and Sarah, also, Lot and baby Isaac
a blue card with yellow stars on it that says, god has good plans for us
Abraham - Tissue Paper Stars - Crafting Thru the Bible
Abraham Stars - Free Template and Instructions: From what teachers tell me, preschoolers love this craft. They enjoy scrunching the tissue paper and are proud of what they create. It’s also a great way to build counting skills while at the same time emphasizing the lesson of God’s covenant with Abraham and the numerous descendants he would have. God is awesome, isn’t He?
the baby jesus is being held by his mother and father in this coloring page for kids
Abraham and Sarah have a baby in their old age
the marriage of isaac and rebbeah free story, printable, and activities
Isaac and Rebekah lesson
Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah free printable
someone is holding up a paper cut out of a tent
Sunday Lessons
Lift the flap Abraham and Sarah tent. Have the kids draw their own people and decorate/color/paint tent.