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Pluma estilo acuarela  #feather #Watercolor #Doglovers #Infinito #pluma #huellas #Tattoodesign

Dog prints one side, horse shoes or hooves on other side


tat Dreamcatcher black and white by moma

I want this for both my tragus piercings!

My serotonin and dopamine tattoo from Artistic Skin Design East Indianapolis. Happiness!

My serotonin and dopamine tattoo from Artistic Skin Design East Indianapolis…

Serotonin Dopamine Acetylcholine | Molecule Keychain | Necklace | Charm | Bracelet | Science Chemistry Biology Neuroscience Psychology Brain

Serotonin Dopamine Acetylcholine Molecule by

Science tattoo idea. I'd probably go with acytlcholine... You know, being a teacher and all...

endorphins chemical formula tattoo - (possibly integrated into my ravens as constellation type things)

happiness, love, dreams.                                                       …

Neuroscience tat: Serotonin : happiness and satisfaction Dopamine: love and passion Acetylcholine: learning, dreaming, memory

This is seriously the best tattoo that I've seen for what I want. It's got seritonin, dopamine, and acetylcholine all togehter. Ironically, I'm pinning this from someone else named tory. Great tories think alike, I guess.

The hormones required to inspire creativity, in tattoo form - serotonin, dopamine acetylcholine (Work done by the talented Brett Cohen at The Illustrated Man in Sydney, Australia).

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Love for a tat idea. with flowers/vines :)