Such movement captured!!!

I want that costume, -stat!- I -adore- midnight blue, and how gorgeously shot is this?O *swoons* ♥ ledecorquejadore: “ Belly Dancer I love the dark blue color!

Maria • Professional Belly Dancer For Hire • San Francisco Bay Area Belly Dance • BELLY DANCE COSTUME

I went through a "peacock and paisley" phase too - this is beautifully done! Very sexy belly dancer attire.

“Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us to which we dance, even when we can't name the tune.” -  Deepak Chopra

thehoruseye: “ El Duende by Matt Abraxas, from photo by Scott Belding, model: Deb Rubin Source ”

Red bellydance costume

It's amazing to me that belly dancers are strong and fit, but they still have beautiful feminine curves including the natural "female pooch" on their belly.

fire sign

Craft of the Witch: Divine Feminine, Fire Dancing. Witchcraft, in its purest form, is an art only understood by the Old Souls.