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Oldest, functioning Tudor style chimney, Thornbury Castle where Ann Boleyn and Henry VIII stayed in 1535

Chimney belonging to Thornbury Castle, and the oldest functioning Tudor-style chimney. King Henry VIII & Queen Anne Boleyn stayed at Thornbury Castle on royal progress in


Chimneys that look like tree roots. I find it amazing that people can even find a way to use pricks and be able to make such interesting figures with it, such as a chimney relating to a tree root.

London in the 1920's a chimney sweep with his hand cart.

Characterful portraits of Londoners, believed to be by photographer Donald McLeish selected from the three volumes of Wonderful London edited by St John Adcock and produced by The Fleetway House in the nineteen-twenties.

Chimney Sweep  Sussex, England  1932

Chimney Sweep - Sussex, England Love the hand cart and the fact that he has a spare wheel.