Timing Is Everything

Perfect timing, as this cat attempts to sit on top of a flatscreen tv, when ice skating ⛸ is on ( cats much preferred old style wide tv's as they heated up and had a wide shelf to chill on !

15894910_652659994906782_2750742924458326146_n.jpg (480×550)

15894910_652659994906782_2750742924458326146_n.jpg (480×550)

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Therefore, it will matt should youn't groom them regularly. It may happen for assorted factors. It is also contingent on if it's one-ply or two-ply. It isn't glamorous, it's not exciting and it's painful more often than not.

Mountain Goat:  "Hey Man! You're good!  But NOT as good as me!  And watch out…

Austria "Stubborn goat" Love this. Please watch falling rocks and goats. Reminded me of the mountain goats in grecce

MENTŐÖTLET - kreáció, újrahasznosítás: humor

MENTŐÖTLET - kreáció, újrahasznosítás: humor

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We definitely don't recommend this...take care of your teeth "pleasse"

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