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School Bullying Statistics And Our Education Choices

Low-income schools with high minority student populations tend to opt for severe punishments over medical or psychological interventions when dealing with

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This is a cyberbullying infographic which shows information and statistics about cyberbullying. I didn't know that cyberbullying was so popular and there should be ways to stop them because kids in schools are suffering from it.

Ladies: be nice to other ladies! I don't care if it's "true" (it's not,) saying it is going to get back to her, it's going to hurt, and it's going to validate girls calling other girls names. Who hasn't been called a name they totally didn't deserve? And has cruelty ever solved anything? The benefits of this are obvious, so look into your heart.

Stop bullying! That was me too I got so sick that hade too go to the ER and it ask who ever got bullying comment please thank you ! Make it stope now !