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an artistic drawing on the side of a blackboard with multicolored lines and letters
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4th grade -- formdrawing
chalk drawing of an interlocked knot on a blackboard with colored crayons
VRIJESCHOOL in beeld: 4e klas vlechtvormen
a drawing of an abstract design in pastel green
a painting with red and yellow lines on black paper in front of a wooden frame
an image of a logo that looks like two intersecting lines in the shape of a heart
Hermelinde Laga kunsttherapeut kunstzinnige therapie
a drawing of a gold necklace with an arrow on the bottom and two smaller chains attached to it
Form Drawing Freehand Geometry 4th Grade
an image of a blue and green object on a white background with the word's logo below it
an orange and white design is on a piece of paper that has been embroidered onto it
an image of the number eight drawn with colored pencils on white paper, which appears to be in color
Flechtbänder 3
a piece of paper that has some squares on it
Fourth Grade Form Drawing #2 - A Celtic Knot
the word love is written in purple ink on a yellow and pink background with swirls
Flechtbänder 1 - Formenzeichnen an der Waldorfschule