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the diagram shows different parts of a machine that is used to make glass and metal products
ECAM could be the low cost alternative metal 3D printing is looking for - 3D Printing Industry
the futuristic office chair has been designed to look like an airplane
Sisu Remote Control Station
Red Dot Design Award: Sisu Remote Control Station
the world's largest yachts info sheet
Así es la fragata española del futuro: lanzamiento vertical de misiles, última tecnología y helicópteros
an image of a remote controlled airplane on the ground with text reading russian us osprey - inspired tiltroter drone is 2 5x faster, 70 % more efficient see more efficient
Russia’s US Osprey-inspired tiltrotor drone is 2.5x faster, 70% more efficient
Russian drone maker Hardberry-RusFactor has allegedly developed a new convertiplane drone named “Nimble” which can travel faster and further than other drones.
an info poster with information about the technology
Inside the USS Zumwalt - Animagraffs
The USS Zumwalt is a 600 foot, 16,000 ton stealth destroyer of the US Navy. It is the most technologically advanced surface ship in the world. Length The Zumwalt is 600 feet long by 81 feet wide; roughly two football fields end-to-end in size.
Playing Card Production Line
Streamlined production lines like these are designed for efficiency and speed, utilizing advanced technology and optimized processes to minimize waste and maximize output. This approach not only enhances productivity but also improves product quality and consistency, leading to greater customer satisfaction and business success.
Amazing Night Vision Goggles
The US Army has circulated a video demonstrating soldiers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington using cutting-edge night-vision goggles, known as Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular, during a live-fire exercise.
the black intelligent technology glasses are designed to look like they could be used for driving
New Arrival Blue-tooth Headset Sunglasses Smart Eyewear For Driving - Buy Blue-tooth Headset Sunglasses,Blue-tooth Sunglasses,Smart Eyewear Product on
the glasses are designed to look like they have been placed on top of each other
Meet Vue Smart Glasses that take you to the Next Level
Meet Vue Smart Glasses that take you to the Next Level