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Kai Allard Liao

Kai Allard Liao
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Red and Gold Dragon Mask   by *merimask

Here is yet another permutation of my dragon mask. The inlay of snowflake obsidian is especially striking to me. I love the way this mask turned out! Red and Gold Dragon Mask

Add be a mákgubót, 1953

Add be a mákgubót - 1 mázsáért 60 forintot fizet a Földművesszövetkezet. via DEA


Too much alcohol: poison / A sok ital: méreg 1971 Artist: Kemény György

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Supermarine S-4, S-5 , S-6 and S-6B SCHNEIDER TROPHY RACERS

"The Schneider Cup was never a foregone conclusion; each of the nations contributed important innovations. In the end England got lucky with a bunch of Lady Houston pounds.