. . . even if it takes a lifetime. . . .

I want to be able to travel the world before i settle down with work and family. My dream is to be able to visit as many places as possible, and spend time with different cultures. Hopefully i will manage to pursue this dream and continue to travel

It's...pretty flimsy..

No time to explain. Get in the car. Llama in Times Square, 1957 by Inge Morath

STBI: Quotes of the week #10

Henry David Thoreau -- All good things are wild and free - love, explorations, summer, friendships and a lot

Fu#k horses, they too average..

Thought you couldn't tame Zebras?: Lord Walter Rothschild with his famed zebra carriage, which he drove to Buckingham Palace to demonstrate the tame character of Zebras to the public, early

gyenge lagzi

gyenge lagzi - Coub - GIFs with sound by

Damn.. That Whiskey  \1919\

Illegal alcohol being poured out during Prohibition, Detroit, 1929 - Alcohol, discovered by Prohibition agents during a raid on an illegal distillery.

"Orion, the best...." I still have one

Orion Hungary "The Perfect Speaker"

Like a madafukin boss!

Animal Tamer, Captain Jack Bonavita, sitting down with some of his cats. C I'm not one for the advocation of animals in circuses but this photo is pretty incredible.