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a drawing of a woman's face with a clock on her head and butterflies around it
Creative Illustrations by Norman Duenas
Norman Duenas. Symbolism: Monarch Butterfly/MK-Ultra programming, death culture, clockwork, fractured mind, fragmented personality, merging of nature and technology
a drawing of a human skull wearing a bow tie
Transcendence by Phillip Wells
I like the cartoon feel for a change
a drawing of a skull with a mustache and bow tie on it's head
Skull drawings by Christina Platis
I love mustaches, skulls, and describing myself as classy (when I'm clearly not); this is perfection.
a drawing of a skull with guitars attached to it
Punk Radio | Printed Tee Design
What a different creative approach to creating a skull with guitars!
a drawing of a castle in the sky
Artyom Vlaskin - Dark castle, via Banderlog
a castle in the sky with lots of clouds and stars above it, surrounded by other buildings
The tower... by clv on DeviantArt
Floating city inspiration for future book setting, maybe a home for marewing riders The tower... by ~clv.