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a doll with red hair and big eyes is laying on the floor next to a wall
Something about this is so funny but yet adorable too!!!
three bunny hair clips laying on top of an open book
Закладки для книг
Совместный пошив в моей группе ВК
a hand holding a doll with blonde hair and blue dress on it's head
Handmade grumpy doll - Alice
She is about 11cm tall, legs and hands are moveable. Materials: fabric,polyester stuffing, thread, colour, yarn, ribbon, accessories. Suitable as your doll collection or as a gift for your family or friend. Spot cleaning only. Thank you.
a person standing next to a pile of stuffed animals on top of a rug in front of them
Uglytoys by Dorota Dziak (@uglytoys) • Photos et vidéos Instagram
a person holding two stuffed animals in their hands, one is gray and the other is black
a stuffed animal with a banana on it's head and neck, standing in front of a blue wall
E-Book Dackel Detlef | Kuscheltier | Rassel