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wbu? 💭🎧👟 • what are you working towards next year? • what are you prioritizing? • what habits are you bringing into it? • what are you leaving behind? I wanna know so we can build healthy habits together !! 🫶🏻
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How to Calm Fight or Flight Response - anxiousness relief
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new habits for the new year and a mindful morning routine - thanksgiving quotes - motivation quotes
you can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results!! my morning routine is where l'm really focusing on incorporating new habits to start my day off right & set up for productivity - • Wake up 7am • No phone !! • Make lemon water asap • Listen to affirmations and journaling • Drink cleantox tea and do skin care • Get dressed • Make a smoothie • Go to a cafe and start work!
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starting new habits today, rather than waiting till the start of the new year • new habits • Waking up at 7am • No phone for an hour • Listening to affirmations first thing • Doing one thing at a time • Staying consistent • Listening to healing frequencies • Writing down 3 things I'm grateful for daily Vision board, vision board inspo, motivational quotes, routine aesthetic, positive affirmations, gratitude quotes
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Everything changes when you make the decision to just START !! Motivation goals, motivational quotes, vision board inspo, vision board wallpaper, autumn aesthetic, outfit inspo, fall nails •
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Save these affirmations to grow on social media ✨ Check out the Empowered Affirmations podcast on Spotify!! I’ve been doing these affirmations daily and have seen a big difference in my social media following/engagement! I’ve been focusing on attracting people who want to support me and who are like minded. Having these social media affirmations in mind everyday has changed my mindset when I post - I feel better if that post doesn’t blow up or I don’t get the engagement I wanted. Those things don’t make me happy - sharing what I love and my talents makes me happy ✨ I know the universe sees that and will bless me with abundance! I know the universe will do the same for you when you share your talents and stop worrying about the followers - they will come when you show the world your ge