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It's so fluffy! Muhlenbergia capillaries (muhly grass).

Pink Muhly Grass - (Muhlenbergia capillaris) As summer is winding down Pink Muhly Grass is springing up. Give it plenty of sunshine and good soil drainage. Withstands heat, humidity, drought, and poor soil!

Rosa Iceberg ('Korbin') - Justifiably popular, ‘Iceberg’ goes on flowering right through the summer. Clusters of pink buds open to double, slightly fragrant white flowers, 7cm across. It is disease-resistant and easy to grow. There is also a climbing variety. All our roses are grown in an open field and then dug up when the weather conditions are right in October or November.

Buy rose Iceberg (bush floribunda) Rosa 'Iceberg ('Korbin')': Delivery by Waitrose Garden in association with Crocus

Pashmina Rose Kordes Germany 2003. Hybrid tea. Cream to light pink rose with a deep pink centre.

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