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Death Note Lol

*dead* I swear if Light was class rep that would be the best behaved class ever! This pin has totally made my day! That teacher is such a troll! Lmao *wipes tears* so great I'm crying 😂

This is beautiful (Death Note)

This scene. Then I'll take this potato chip. AND ILL EAT IT! you have no idea how many times I replayed this scene.

Death Note funny, ha ha :D

True very true.all the time "L" is right .he was nvr wrong.till the very end .evn ven they were friends no matter vat light did.<<<it's so heart breaking that Kira is his only friend and is happy to kill him.

Death Note Funny -OMG XD

Death Note Funny -This was pretty much me with all my goth friends in middleschool lolol