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These 10 Food Items Will Build Your Muscles - Infographic

Hikers need strong muscles. What you eat every day shows up on the trail: strength, endurance, stamina on your day hikes and backpacking trips. 10 Foods That Are Great for Building Muscle - Strength Authority

100 Deadly Skills: Part IX: Exfil Escape

100 Deadly Skills: Part IX: Exfil Escape. WARNING These skills are called deadly for a reason. These skills not only can pose a danger to others but they push t 100 deadly skill

Light left in the day hack I'm surprised that this was not taught to us in school. What else is there that was missed?

How To Determine Remaining Daylight. Cool, with hands out stretched in front of you measure from the sun to the horizon. Each finger is 15 min or 1 hour per hand. The above picture is 2 hours until sunset.


It’s the EMT in me… This diagram could save someone’s life!there’s nothing about stopping the gushing from my lady parts! Now THAT would save someone’s life!