It’s Christmas at Hogwarts!

a train traveling through a snowy forest filled with lots of snow on top of it
Top 10 Stunning Railway Routes Around the World
a white bird sitting on top of a table next to a christmas tree in a building
Hogwarts Christmas Feast - The Londoner
an old stone building with snow on the roof and window panes in front of it
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Noelle's Favorite Things
Harry Potter | Snowing in The Wizarding World
a poster with some words on it that say glyphlander's christmas
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a man standing on top of a stage with musical instruments in front of christmas trees
Wizarding World on Twitter
two men are walking through the snow in front of an old stone building with arches
Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a real Hogwarts Christmas
there are two pictures one has an owl and the other is a snow covered tree
myths are simply stories about truths we've forgotten;