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an image of three women standing in front of a blue and yellow background with trees
Giacomo Balla - Nuns and Landscape, 1925.
an abstract painting with wine, fruit and other items
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Giacomo Balla Frutta e liquori.
a drawing of a naked man sitting on a bed
Giacomo Balla 1907
an abstract painting with lines and shapes
Giacomo Balla
Giacomo Balla, The Speed of an Automobile 1913. Futurism meets Abstraction
an abstract painting with blue, yellow, and red shapes on black background in the foreground
Giacomo Balla - Scienza contro l oscurantismo
"Scienza contro Oscurantismo", olio su tela di Giacomo Balla (1871-1958, Italy)
a painting of a man with blue eyes and a moustache on his face
Autoritratto by GiacomoBalla
GiacomoBalla - Autoritratto 1894
an image of a spiral staircase with two people on it
Salutando di Giacomo Balla | PiantataStorta - non è un blog sul giardinaggio
Giacomo Balla salutando 1908
a painting of people in an art studio with one woman holding paintbrushes and the other man pointing at something
Balla, Giacomo (1871-1958) - 1945 We Four in the Mirror
Balla, Giacomo (1871-1958) - 1945 We Four in the Mirror
an old man is looking at the camera
Giacomo Balla 'Ritratto della madre' 1901
a painting of a woman in a white dress standing next to a potted plant
Outdoor Portrait - Giacomo Balla
Outdoor Portrait - Giacomo Balla - The Athenaeum
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and green shapes in the background is a dark sky
Giacomo Balla, Spirit-form Transformation, 1912.
an abstract painting with red, purple and blue shapes
Giacomo Balla | Mazzoleni Art
Giacomo Balla - Tik Tak, 1925 - Olio su tela, 77 x 77 cm
an abstract painting with blue and white shapes in the center, on a gray background
"Pessimismo e ottimismo" Giacomo Balla 1923
an abstract painting with blue and green colors
Esposizione FUTURBALLA Vita luce velocitÃ
Velocità astratta - l'auto è passata 1913 Giacomo Balla
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and red colors on the bottom half of it
Valori plastici by GiacomoBalla
Valori plastici by GiacomoBalla is available at Modern Art - artnet