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two foxes are facing each other on a purple and pink background, with yellow eyes
Fox Love by Eli Halpin http://elihalpin.com/
two large birds standing next to each other
- Eli Halpin Oil Paintings
an acrylic painting of three foxes in front of a night sky with stars
Fox Pups in Stars by Eli Halpin #elihalpin #fox #stars #paintings
an acrylic painting of a horse and its foal on a green background
Speckled Pony Ride by Eli Halpin 35.75" x 79.75" oil on wood
a painting of birds with fish in the background
The Blue Heron Family Trout Breakfast by Eli Halpin http://elihalpin.com/artwork/3319729_The_Blue_Heron_Family_Trout_Breakfast.html #elihalpin #trout #blueherons
an acrylic painting of two sea otters and starfish in the night sky
Starfish Bedtime Stories by Eli Halpin
three white birds standing in front of the sun
Whooping Crane Sun Dance by Eli Halpin 5' x 3' thick oil paint on a wood door
a painting of an alpaca on a blue background
Baby Llama in Metallic Pink by Eli Halpin
a painting of a white bird on a blue background with the head turned to the side
Great Blue Heron in Cobalt Blue by Eli Halpin
an abstract painting with multiple colored snakes in the middle and on top of it's reflection
Octopus Diptych - Giclée Print
Super Tall Octopus in Metallic Sea Salt Blue by Eli Halpin at elihalpin.com prints available at http://elihalpin.com/products/octopus-diptych-canvas-reproduction
an image of three otters swimming in the ocean with fish and turtles around them
Turtle Rescue oil painting by Eli Halpin
two white swans sitting on top of each other in front of a blue background with flowers
Swan Snuggle by Eli Halpin
an image of jellyfish in the water with different colors and patterns on it's body
Jellyfish - Oil Painting
Jellyfish by Eli Halpin oil, acrylic and pencil on wood at elihalpin.com
two donkeys are touching each other with their heads close to one another and green dots in the background
Donkey Love - Oil Painting
Donkey Love - Oil Painting – Eli Halpin Oil Paintings
a painting of a fox with yellow eyes and orange fur on it's head
Super Big Fox - Oil Painting – Eli Halpin Oil Paintings