Vavyan Fable idézete.

ShapeShifting: Post - Dispelling the myths about the cost of healthy eating, Southerners and

Sárkánykönny, Vavyan Fable

Sárkánykönny, Vavyan Fable


Literature Art Print with Funny Book Lover Reading Quote "I am simply a book drunkard" from L.

Halkirálynő :)

Some major varieties of goldfish are Bubble Eye, Calico, Black Moor

Katja Millay, A nyugalom tengere

The Sea of Tranquility – Nyugalom tengere · Katja Millay · Könyv

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father and son - baby - girl - boy - beautiful - family- pai e filho - bebê - menina - menino - lindos - familia

♡ I don't dance but here I am spinning you round and round in circles It ain't my style but I don't care I'd do anything with you anywhere Yeah you got my in the palm of your hand girl cuz I don't dance ♡