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the beginning of the school year procedure is shown in this printable worksheet
Mandy's Tips for Teachers: Procedures, Procedures
Beginning of the School Year procedures list. Great reminder to help plan for the start of the year!
a shopping cart filled with folders on top of a counter next to a wall
Organizing School Paperwork
How I plan to organize the school year...this is the best system I've found! Love it!
a poster with the words document document and an image of a smiling person on it
Teacher Documentation: Document, Document, Document! - Hojo's
Document, Document, Document! {Ten things teachers should track!} --- If your New Year's resolution is to do a better job of tracking everything you should track in your classroom, you should try this out! Lots of great tips to help you be more productive
a facebook post with some tags hanging from it's hooks and the caption reads classroom tip print your class roster by period and hang on a lanyard by door for an easy to track
Teacher Tip! Class lists on lanyards.
the middle and high school teacher binder is shown with zebra print, which includes information about
Presto Plans
@ Hannah wood- would this help? Looks good - This fully editable and customizable Teacher binder / Organizer has absolutely everything you will need to start your year off organized and ready to roll! All you have to do is print, hole punch, and add to a three ring binder and viola, everything you need in one place!
an orange binder sitting on top of a desk next to two pens and a calculator
Homework checking made easy. Free printables and resources for using clipboards
a llama with a cactus on its head art print
Laura Mayes's Store | Society6
Alpaca and Cactus Art Print by lauramayes - $18.00
two free printables for the australian curriculum term planner
FREE Australian Curriculum Term Planners for Years 1-6
MrsAmy123: FREE Australian Curriculum Term Planners for Years 1-6
a close up of a pair of scissors with writing on the front and back of it
Editable Organization Checklists
I love this checklist for when they come in the morning. Great for kiddos who struggle to get everything done.
an image of a bulletin board with the words good morning on it
Classroom Reveal!
Owl-ways Good Teaching: Classroom Reveal!
a bunch of folders that are sitting on top of a desk next to each other
Want a head start on next year's planning? Why reinvent the wheel? I created file folders for each week and run an extra copy of any resource I use to reference next year on that week. I also jot down notes on a planning template to make planning easier too. Lesson plan template and file labels included in my "Teacher's File Cabinet." Link in profile. #getahead #worksmarternotharder #organization