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Crochet pattern bundle: Helicopter, car, tractor, steam boat brooch crochet pattern, PDF/ENG
a crocheted cat laying on top of an open book
four different colored flowers on a table with the word apak spelled in gold letters
Butterfly bookmarks
Butterfly bookmarks - Free Original Patterns - Crochetville
three crocheted flowers with leaves on the top one is purple, green and yellow
Crochet Flower Motifs
Create these easy flower motifs, would you believe that it's only 2 rounds...now that's easy!! Here is an easy Crochet flower motif pattern that is so adorable. Crochet flower motifs can be used as table decorations for weddings and parties. They can be used for making a bridal bouquet or boutonnieres or as an added element to sewing projects, the list is endless. So when I am crocheting a flower just because I like it, I know that somewhere along the way it can be useful. I crochet…
three crocheted flowers are tied together on a table with string and yarn around them
Flower Bookmarks ~ Teacher Gifts
Marianna's Lazy Daisy Days: Flower Bookmarks ~ Teacher Gifts
the bookmark is made to look like a minion
Download wonderful crochet patterns!
a crocheted brown dog laying on top of stars
Takkie boekenlegger