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two cement planters sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a wall with windows
Longer bench - Materials: 1 - 12' long 4" x 6" cut in half (with 3/8" routed off ends to fit into cinder block) 4 - 8" x 8" x 16" Cinder Blocks 2 - 6" x 8" x 16" Cinder Blocks 2 - 6" x 8" x 8" Cinder Blocks
an empty room with white shelves and drawers
black and white striped tea set with gold trimmings on the saucer, cup and spoon
three coffee mugs stacked on top of each other with their lids closed and eyelashes sticking out
small succulents are arranged in white pots on a wooden shelf next to a coffee table
an artisticly designed stool sits against a stone wall
Banqueta cacto - Ju Amora
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a white wall
This leaf design adds the minimalistic charm your home needs. This shelf was handcrafted from baltic birch, a renewable resource. It comes with keyhole hangers. It is the perfect display for any greenery.Dimensions are: Style shelf Finish dark brown stain Tray dimensions 16 inches tall12.5 inches wide usable shelf 4.25 inches at the widest point and 9.25 inches long Hanger keyhole Design single monstera shelf Please read our FAQ page prior to purchasing.
a living room with red walls and an iron tree sculpture in the middle of it