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4 Steps Infographics. Vol.1 - Infographics Download here : https://graphicriver.net/item/4-steps-infographics-vol1/17884088?s_rank=541&ref=Al-fatih

by graphic_seamus I`m happy to introduce you my new infographics set. My infographics are for those of you who have lots of boring information and

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Infographic Elements - Statistics

Infographic Elements - Statistics by Mike_pantone Various vector elements for infographic purposes in fields of statistics, business, finance… Include a help file instructing basi

Inside The Business of Organics

Ocean plastic pollution is an increasingly devastating crisis, and this new infographic shows exactly where the plastic trash is coming from, where it ends up and why it’s important to start our fight against this environmental scourge at the beach.

1/2 Finished infographic about the dangers of overfishing #graphicdesign #art #illustration #infographic #design #digitalillustration #ocean #overfishing #fish

Finished infographic about the dangers of overfishing

A Large Scale Dilemma - Fish and marine life populations are in danger as our appetite for seafood grows. - Infographic for Heifer