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the words are written in spanish on a blurry background with sparkles and bubbles
an image of the moon in the night sky with spanish words above it that read, el ulito en soar que apagie la luna
a travel mug with the words in spanish
Oracion Contra Todo Mal C0E
a beach with people walking on it and the sun in the background
an open book with a quote on it
Frases | Frases bonitas, Frases sabias, Frases verdaderas
a man in a suit pointing at the camera with words above him that say, felicitame hoy
Feliz día del padre by Julio Iglesias #humor :-)
a man holding a box of beer in his left hand and the caption reads, modelo para el nijo que llevas dentro
Cajita feliz
a baby sitting in the grass looking at something with caption that reads feliz dia papasto, grr?
El Hijo de Putin Funny Kids, Baby Quotes, Dads, Haha
Mi papá lloro durante días
El Hijo de Putin
a poster with a potato and french fries on it