What's scarier than this?

The New Threat (Sea Pollution poster) on Behance. Make a difference. Be a role model and don't trash the ocean. Pick up litter and properly dispose of it so that it doesn't hurt our oceans or wildlife. They are counting on us to

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Underground cities will be safe but boring.Underwater cities will provide a more comfortable living environment with lots of fantastic and varied foods.

Aggrandized Ego, Alienated Soul: Contesting the Atrophy of Instinct in an Age of Anxiety ~ RiseEarth


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Save the Earth – Do Something

we are the only one who can save our mother earth, so we must think before we act and we must start to act now before its too late. tips to help save our mother earth-infographics

Mülltrennung ist gut - Müllvermeidung ist besser!

Mülltrennung ist gut - Müllvermeidung ist besser!

By Wenching Yan (yuumei.deviantart...) [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis of the human cause of global warming]

How to Freecycle and Repurpose Tutorials

"Countdown" by yuumei on DeviantArt This really does mean alot Sad truth. I wish more people would help take care of our Earth. This planet doesn't just belong to us.

35a069fba97c259c05d691dc96b8301a.png (716×697)

35a069fba97c259c05d691dc96b8301a.png (716×697)


Print out and practice vegetable names - memory matching game or flash cards…