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a cross with fish and grapes on it
Metal Communion Cross - Celebrate Faith
Exclusively ours and imported from France keeping with the tradition in making beautifully crafted objects. All of the products are created, formed and finished in our French workshops. Carefully craf More
the crucifix with jesus and mary on it is shown in antique bronze
Creator Mundi | distinctive sacred art and giftsCreator Mundi | distinctive sacred art and gifts
distinctive sacred art and gifts
a cross with an image of a person on it and another figure in the background
71204 - КРЕСТ Рaспятия-как неизреченный проводник божественной любви. Богословие ПРИСУТСТВИЯ
an ancient cross with writing on it
heracliteanfire: Rectangular limestone stela bearing a relief cross; front surface covered with twenty-one lines of incised Coptic text via British Museum
a stone cross with an image of jesus on it
Кресту Твоему поклоняемся, Владыко, И святое Воскресение Твое славим!
a wooden cross on top of a table next to a piece of wood that has been carved into it
Rustic Wood Wall Cross With Turquoise Inlay Christian | Etsy
a wooden crucifix with a black cross on it's back end
Metal Art - Jean Pierre Augier Sculpture works...
Amaze Pics & Vids: Metal Art - Jean Pierre Augier Sculpture works... #metalart
a metal cross with a woman's figure on it
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Jesus Christ Crucifix Cross Figure handmade
a white sculpture with a cross on it
Cristo estilizado com cruz parede Dream House Collection - Distribuidor de Têxteis Lar e Arte Sacra em Portugal
a wooden cross hanging on the wall
Diy Projects To Reuse Wine Barrels In A Creative Way
Wine barrels are normally big and size and are made completely from wood. These barrels have large amounts of space in them therefore they can be used for many different purposes. Wine barrels can be easily found, and the greatest thing about them is that they have many uses. If you have a few wine barrels lying around and you are wondering how to use one of these barrels then here you can find a few ways and ideas which will count as good wine barrel reuse ideas.
a wooden cross sitting on top of a table next to a light bulb in a dark room
Jonathon Hemingray Sculpture
Jonathon Hemingray Sculpture
a wooden cross hanging on the wall next to a ruler
particular emerging chances in picking crucial facets in Fine Woodworking Diy Ideas #AdvancedPopularWoodProjectsWoodworking
a wooden cross with the words jesus christ is born and there is no god on it
Wild West Living - Western Decor, Bedding, Accessories, Gifts & More
(RWRA6757) "Grace" Christian Wall Cross 20" Tall
a wooden cross with a red heart on it's side hanging from the wall
Cross #114: Wall Cross from salvaged wood - 24
an old crucifix is laying on the ground
Este artículo no está disponible - Etsy
Hand forged Wall Crucifix/ Very Antique Hand Forged Cast Iron Hanging Cross